Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The Great Outdoors and A Pigs Quest, Two Upcoming C64 Sizzlers!

If you're a regular to the C64 Homebrew scene then you might of heard of these two work in progress titles, both are a long way off from public release, but I have a strong feeling they are going to blow you away when we eventually get our hands on them.

The first game I want to talk about today is a sequel to the much loved "The Bear Essentials".
Pondsoft may be long gone, but they certainly aren't dead. A few of the remaining group members reformed and created a successor Puddlesoft, and with Puddlesoft comes a brand new Bear adventure, Graham Axten's "The Great Outdoors"!

Progress has been slow, Graham said himself he's not rushing anything, he wants to make The Great Outdoors a game you will keep coming back to, and just like all of us, he has a real life too. Any spare time he has available will be put into game creation. Trust me though, it will be worth the wait.

I actually wrote about this game back in 2019, when it was first announced on Twitter, follow this link to Vintage is the New Old and have a read, but for now, this is a little reminder The Great Outdoors is still on the cards. You can follow Graham's progress on his Twitter account here.


Next up is another platformer of the pork variety, "A Pigs Quest" is a new game by Antonio Savona and his development team, and was first announced back in September 2020. This is one I have been keeping my eye on for some time now, I'm a huge fan of platformers and from watching the videos on Antonio's YouTube channel, this game is giving me the same exciting vibes as when Sam's Journey was first announced. Beautiful graphics & pixel art, super smooth animations, and a great soundtrack, it's sometimes hard to accept that this is actually a C64 game we're looking at. These days Commodore 64 games are looking as good as some 8-bit console games, it's a great time to be alive.

You can follow progress of "A Pig's Quest" over on  Antonio Savona's Twitter account here.

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