Monday, January 11, 2021

Retro Rewind: Pets Rescue, Commodore Plus/4


Today's Retro Rewind is a lovely homebrew platformer for the Commodore Plus/4, released way back in 2018. Pet's Rescue may of been long forgotten by many of you, so it's time to give it a boost for 2021!

As many of you know the Plus/4 was my first and despite it's financial failure as a Commodore computer, I can't help returning to it. Loading up classics such as Treasure Island, Tom Thumb and Fire Ant, always brings a smile to my face. The Plus/4 originally came with ten games and these are all great fun and certainly worth revisiting.

The Plus/4 has a huge library of games available but there was never really a good scrolling Mario Bros type game, enter Pet's Rescue. A beautiful platformer, with colourful Mario-Esque scenery, as well as catchy chip tune music on each level, this game reminds me of the excellent Sam's Journey on the Commodore 64, maybe not quite as fantastic, but for a Plus/4 game it's extremely impressive. If you missed Pet's Rescue the first time, be sure to grab it today and have a play, it's an absolute corker!

Alec over at Vintage is the New Old wrote a lovely review on Pet's Rescue, follow the link below to have a read.

Digital Download: Pet's Rescue
Buy: Binary Zone
Read the Review

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