Thursday, January 7, 2021

Retro Rewind: Cheesy Trials Commodore Vic-20

I hope you are all enjoying the new CommodoreBlog, some of you long term Commodore fans from back in the day, may remember the original CommodoreBlog that eventually evolved into Commodore is Awesome. I have big plans for this blog and hope to revive it to it's original state from around 2012/13, when the blog was at it's most popular. If you can remember that far back, we used to feature not just News, but also games, demos, scans and much more. I miss those days with many fond memories..  As a great man once said.. "We can rebuild him, we have the technology!"
Keep a watchful eye on CommodoreBlog, we're back!

As well as the latest News, I thought occasionally I would throw in the odd older homebrew game, nothing like varied content and some of you might be new to the scene and may of missed these awesome games the first time around.

To start the Retro Rewind series of posts, we have a gem of a game you will instantly fall in love with, the minute you start playing, so let's begin our journey with the awesome Cheesy Trials on the Commodore Vic-20!

You are Echo the Mouse, a cloned mouse tormented by a mad scientist to complete three experiments. Each experiment is made up of a number of rooms. You are dropped into a room with some cheese. Collect all the cheese and get to the exit before the time is up. But all is not as it seems. Your world will change with each piece of cheese collected. Each room is devilishly designed to test your intelligence, dexterity and luck.

Name: Cheesy Trials
Author: Andy Hewitt - HEWCO
Released: 11th December 2020
Requirements: 24k memory expansion

Download: Cheesy Trials
Source: Vic-20 denial

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