Saturday, January 16, 2021

Rainbow Edge Run DX, Enhanced Version for the Commodore 64

Rainbow Edge Run 4k was originally a game entered into the 2020 Reset64 4KB Craptastic Game Competition. The game is an endless runner much like a lot of mobile games. Run along the edge of the rainbow and pick up as many gold coins as possible, while avoiding the black mines, they explode if you get too close and it will be Game Over! Rainbow Edge Run DX is an enhanced version which features Petscii documentation and also includes a trainer (F8 on title screen to turn on and off).

The enhanced version also includes the following;
  • brand new soundtrack by Magnar Harestad (music) and Roy Widding (sound effects)
  • Different types of clouds passing by as you run along the edge of the rainbow
  • Mystery boxes to pick up to temporarily enter different modes of gameplay
  • A new title screen and attract mode, plus a high score list stored on disk

Download: Rainbow Edge Run DX FINAL (M).d64

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