Wednesday, January 13, 2021

MOS/Commodore Building Walkthrough with Bil Herd

Some of you may be aware I run a successful Commodore Plus/4 Group on Facebook, yeah I know.. Facebook, but trust me, if you're a big C16/Plus/4 fan it's definitely worth a look. We currently have 2.1K of knowledgeable members, sharing daily posts about the TED range of computers. If you've just bought a Plus/4 and it's not working, this is the place to go for help.

Another good reason to join is we have a legend within the group, who has actually been a member almost since day one, the great Bil Herd. If you're a die hard Commodore fan, you will have certainly heard of Bil, he was a computer engineer who created several designs for 8-bit home computers while working for Commodore Business Machines in the 1980s. You can read more about Bil here. He's a lovely chap and posts very interesting things, which brings me to my reason for this post today.

Bil has uploaded a new video on his YouTube channel titled "MOS/Commodore Building Walkthrough with Bil Herd", the title is self explanatory, so all you need to do now is click the play button and enjoy.

Source: C16/Plus Facebook Group
YouTube: Bil Herd
Twitter: Bil Herd

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