Sunday, January 3, 2021

C64 Shoot 'em up Soul Force By Sarah Jane Avory is now Available!

Sarah Jane Avory has finally released the much awaited C64 Shoot 'em up "Soul Force".
If you're unfamiliar with Sarah's work, she is also responsible for the excellent Zeta Wing, Neutron and Santron. Sarah is currently working on BrileyWitch, an upcoming C64 RPG, another title that is looking beautiful! You can follow game progress over at @SarahJaneAvory

 Soul Force Features:

    -20 adrenaline filled horizontal shoot’em up levels, each with their own distinct graphical theme
    -A dedicated bitmap screen and music for each level
    -Seven in-game bonus items to collect
    -Four individually upgradable weapon systems
    -General ship upgrades
    -Lots of boss fights
    -Four difficulty settings
    -Password and flexible save game system
    -Progress automatically saved to cartridge
    -Fully PAL & NTSC compatible

Contents of the digital package:

    -The game as cartridge image files (gmod2 and crt)
    -The manual as PDF

You can purchase Soul Force right now for 7.99 EUR over at Protovision Games.
Sarah's Itch Page:

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