Monday, January 4, 2021

Antonio Savona Teases New PETSCII Game 'Monstro Giganto' for the Commodore 64!

Yeah this is a strange one, Antonio Savona is a name much of the Twitter Retro Gaming scene will have heard of, he is known for unusual but always welcomed creative game ideas and this one certainly doesn't disappoint!

PETSCII is nothing new in the C64 scene, with many artistic releases appearing weekly on CSDb. However, this is the first time, at least in my experience, I have come across PETSCII made into an actual game, a very impressive idea.

Monstro Giganto looks to be some kind of fighting game with two large monsters that loosely resemble Godzilla and King Kong ready to do battle in the middle of a large city. Not much else is know about this game, but I'm sure in time we will have more information for you.

Source: Antonio Savona
Broken Bytes

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