Monday, December 21, 2020

Wonderful Dizzy for the ZX Spectrum is Here!

  Hey guys, well here we go, my first News post on the new Blog! CommodoreBlog will be mostly aimed towards Commodore News, however, if you're one of my followers on Twitter, you will know that I often stray from Commodore and share lots of other interesting computer formats as well as 70s and 80s Childhood Nostalgia, Movies, Television etc..

Variety is always a good thing and I have some very cool News to share with you today regarding the ZX Spectrum and a certain eggy character. Yes that's right Dizzy is back! The Oliver Twins have released a brand new game for the Speccy titled "Wonderful Dizzy" I won't spoil things and go into much detail, you can read more about the game over on Vintage is the New Old (written by Paulo Garcia) and @florinthedwarf has also wrote a spicy review over at Indie Retro News. Check out the video and download below! Happy Holidays!🎅


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