Saturday, December 26, 2020

Protopad controller successfully funded

Protovision has successfully concluded its crowd funding campaign for Protopad - the ultimate controller for the C64.

The Protopad is cited to be a a new controller pad that will support multi-button games (such as Super Mario C64, MW ULTRA, Wormhole and C64GS cart games) and contain extra features such as being able to configure the controller to use a button as a jump button.

The crowd funding campaign was able to raised in excess of 15,000 Euros - hitting three of its financial goals in the process, which means that not only is the C64 community going to get a new fancy game pad but there will be an enhanced multi-button support version of Sam's Journey and Protovision will also look to produce new C64 paddles.

You can read more about Protopad over at Protovision.

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