Monday, December 21, 2020

C64 Christmas Bundle Still Available for 9 more days!


In case you missed the News, Badgerpunch Games still have their C64 Christmas Bundle up for download, with only nine days left until this offer ends, you would be mad not to snap this up!

The bundle consists of the following games; Doc Xmas, Snowdown, Grid Pix, P0 Snake, Blockheads, Vegetables Deluxe, Luma, Space Orbs, Old Tower, Luna, Santron, Nono Pixie, Mancave, Freeze 64 and Rainbow Edge Run DX.  All these fantastic games for only $5.00!

I grabbed these without hesitation and I highly recommend you do too, a load of fun games to play over the Holidays! Check out the video and link to purchase below.

Buy here: Badgerpunch Games
Source: Vintage is the New Old

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