Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Black Dawn Rebirth gets Itch release & expansion disk in the works

Shaun Watters has recently announced that Black Dawn Rebirth - a sci-fi horror themed dungeon crawler released in 2019, is now available as a deluxe digital download from Itch.Io.

Black Dawn Rebirth is the 7th episode of the Black Dawn series, with primary coding duties being handled by Shaun himself as one of the authors involved with the original Black Dawn series. The game features 22 levels spread across 7 towers and you have 14 different weapons to locate and use upon 21 different types of enemies.

The deluxe version of Black Dawn Rebirth includes a recently bug fixed final game along with a new map editor and all source code for the game included - allowing you to rip apart Shaun's code and make your own Dungeon Crawler!

In further exciting news, Shaun has also revealed a new Black Dawn Rebirth Expansion: Black Dawn - Rogue. This expansion disk takes the concepts of the most recent Black Dawn game to add a procedurally generated dungeon mode where you descend into the depths of a new dungeon every playthrough - fighting ever stronger monsters in an attempt to destroy the dungeon and escape with your lives! It is anticipated that the expansion pack will be available in Q1 2021.

Upon reviewing Black Dawn Rebirth last year, RGN found the game to be an immersive dungeon crawler style of game with high production values that is easy to pick up and play. You can watch the RGN video on the game below:

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